Founded during a turbulent period in the Qing dynasty, Huangjiang takes its name from the nearby river that was, at the time, said to be the color yellow (huang is Chinese for yellow and jiang means river). During the later years of the Qing Dynasty the word Xu was added to the town name. Xu can mean fair, and as a number of fairs where held here during this period it was given this name.

During the Republic of China (1911-1949) Huangjiang was under the jurisdiction of Changping Town. After the civil war and the founding of the PRC in October 1949, Huangjiang was placed under the control of the now defunct Guangyu Township, it would be another 35 years before Huangjiang would become its own district and finally in October 1987 Huangjiang officially became a town.


Huangjiang is located very close to both Changping and Zhangmutou railway stations, add to that the Guanhui and Gongchang highways, the Dongguan-Shenzhen and Changping-Humen expressways and finally the Beijing-Kowloon Railway that lies just to the north of the town and you have the potential for a pretty impressive commercial town, but it didn’t actually fulfill the dream.

The town remains underdeveloped aside from the hotels that cater to business-doers coming in from the railway stations. The main business of Huangjiang is its factories and industrial parks aiming towards the IT industry, some names are instantly recognizable such as Phillips and Gigabyte.

What Can I Do?

Despite its industrial background Huangjiang does enjoy a fair amount of greenery. With around 60 percent of the town covered by trees, there are three forest parks hosting fans of nice walk-abouts, Dapingzhan, Baoshan, and Qingquan. There are also a number of reservoirs in Huangjiang.

The Dapingzhan Forest Park, in particular, is worth a stop off one of those highways. In English it is the Great Barrier Forest Park and it covers 27 sq. kilometers—96 percent of it covered in trees and shrubbery. Within the park there are several areas dedicated to various activities including water activities and for those golf lovers, an 18-hole golf course.

dec28The Great Barrier Forest Park is ideal for those who are not accustomed to climbing high mountains as the park features many low mountains and hills, making it ideal for hiking.

As mentioned earlier, the town does play host to the business people coming in from around the province and Hong Kong. Visitors to downtown Huangjiang can find some beautiful hotels, including the Crown Prince Hotel, Earl Resort Hotel or the Windsor Park Hotel.

If you are a golfer then there are several Golf Courses based in Huangjiang, such as the Citic Changping Golf Club located to the north of the town nearby the expressway, and a driving range headquartered at the Windsor Park hotel.

Getting There

With the number of expressways getting to Huangjiang couldn’t be easier. If driving, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to reach. If public transport is more your thing then take the L4 directly to Huangjiang, but be warned the journey can take upwards of two hours.

Town Facts

Location: Southeast Dongguan

Area: 98 sq .kilometers

Population: ~222,000

Journey Time: Under 30 minutes

Local Attractions: Great Barrier Forest Park, Hotel Leisure and Spa activities, Golf Courses and Golf Driving Range