Who Let The Dogs Out – 2KM Dog Walkathon 2016

Purebred dog outdoors on a sunny summer day.

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WHO: YOU – With or Without Your FRIENDLY Dog

WHAT: A fun-filled 2.2-km walk around Huying Park. Dog Adoption, Bake Sale, Flea Market, Dog Costume Contest, Raffle Prizes

WHERE: Tangla Dongguan Hotel Parking Lot

WHEN: Sunday, March 20, 2016. Registration begins at 1pm and the walk ends at 5:00 p.m.


To participate in the dog walk, we ask for a 50 RMB per person or more DONATION, paid via WeChat, Zhifubao or cash on the day of the event. Raffle tickets, bake sale items, and flea market items will be available for purchase at the event with the proceeds benefiting My Paws and Me. No refunds.

1:00pm Registration Begins/Raffle Tickets Available for Purchase/Photos Taken of Your Dog with Costume

1:30-3pm Welcome Ceremony/Flea Market & Bake Sale Begins/Dog Adoption Begins

3-4pm Walkathon

4:15-5pm Dog Costume Contest Winners Selected. Raffle Prize Winners Announced

5:00pm Bake Sale and Flea Market Closes. End of event.

Participants are encouraged to dress their pooches up in costumes for the event. Judges will be stationed at the registration table where a photo will be taken of your costumed pet. The judges will select winners at 4:30pm and prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.
Contestants must be present to win. If you leave before winners are announced, please inform the judges at the registration table.

Raffle tickets will be available for pre-purchase or on the day of the event:
10 RMB for 1 ticket
50 RMB for 5 tickets + one free ticket (6 total)
100 RMB for 10 tickets + three free tickets (13 total)
Raffle prize winners announced 4:30 p.m. until all prizes are awarded. Participants (or a friend who can claim prize) must be present with winning raffle ticket to win.

1. All dogs must be on a 1.6m or shorter leash & under control at all times
2. One * friendly * dog per walker
3. Monitor your dog for dehydration & heat sensitivity at all times
4. Please be considerate & pickup after your dog. Dog waste bags will be provided to participants at registration and receptacles are located throughout the walk path.
5. Please be respectful to fellow walkers and their pets. This walk is intended to be a fun day for you and your pet.
6. Please make sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations and shots!

For more information, please
add WeChat: dg18038314140, or scan










Who Let The Dogs Out
Doggy Walkathon
Registration Form


Human's name 人类名字

Pet’s Name 宠物名字

Email Address 电邮

Phone Number 电话

I will be walking with my dog 我将和我的狗狗一起步行
I will be walking without a dog 我将不带狗狗步行
I do not want to walk but would like to make a donation to help support the dogs 我不会参与步行,但我很高兴参与捐赠并帮助这些狗狗

I understand that participating in “Who Let The Dogs Out” walkathon includes an element of risk for my dog, myself, my kids and any other third parties. I agree to assume all risks and waive all claims against the organizers, their volunteers, sponsors, and event promoters should any injury or liability occur. I grant full permission to use my or my dog’s name and photograph without obligation. 我知道参加“带狗狗出来吧”狗狗步行马拉松会对我的狗,我自身,我的孩子以及其他第三方有一定风险。我同意承担所有风险,如发生任何损失和法律责任,我将放弃对主办方,他们的志愿者,赞助商以及活动推广者索赔。我同意主办方使用我和我的狗狗的名字和照片,无需承担任何责任。


50RMB per walker. Each paid walker will receive a grab bag and a bottle of water (Kids under 12yo are free with each adult walker) 每个步行者50元,费用包括礼品袋一个,水一瓶(12岁以下儿童随成年步行者免费入场)

Free Event T-Shirt to the first 20 walkers registered and paid before
6 March 2016 前20名注册的朋友,并在2016年3月6日前交费,可以得到一件免费的活动T恤

Prizes, Prizes and more Prizes for Dog Costume Contest and Raffle! 奖品,奖品,丰富的服装大赛及抽奖奖品等您拿!

Method of Payment 支付方式
WeChat 微信 dg18038314140
Zhifubao 支付宝 18038314140

Questions and Comments 问题和留言