Edward O’Neill

Team Hitler: An Odd Encounter with The World’s Most Infamous Mascot

A year and half ago, an expat football squad arrived to a scene they never expected to confront on the…


一年半前,有一支外国球队,他们从来没想象过会在球场上遇到这种情景。他们的对手的选择实在匪夷所思,给很多人带来麻烦,还冒犯了很多人。为什么这个对手的名字会以一个沾满了数百万人鲜血的独裁者命名呢?是不懂事还是完全不知情?本文将详细报道。 (more…)

El Caliente: Find the Time

When El Caliente opened over a year ago…

饥不择时: 辣西哥

一年前辣西哥刚开业的时候,莞人着实为这第一家正宗的墨西哥餐厅兴奋了一把。公平地说,起初的确有不同的意见。很多人爱上了那里的玛格丽塔,喝得开心;也有人对那里的菜品表示大跌眼镜。一年过去,辣西哥还是抓住了不少客人的胃。现在,趁新菜单出炉,是检验一下的时候了。 (more…)

Expat Extras: Behind the Scenes On and Off the Set of Dragon Blade

In a country at the center of the universe, one…

Five Cocktails: That Put China on the Menu

Every great country should have a great cocktail. Mexico has…

Machong Town Guide

Italian Kitchen: All the Difference

Machong Town’s Italian Kitchen lies beside the river….

Chang’an Town Guide

HISTORY Chang’an has been a famous place throughout China’s history. Unfortunately, that Chang’an is the ancient city now known as…

Reaching For Fame: Where Talent Takes Us

In the past few years you may have noticed…