Meet The Man Who Printed HERE!

In this Business Talk episode Billy talks to Mr. Chen who had printed hundreds of thousands of HERE! Dongguan issues from 2016 to 2021.

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The Pearl River Delta is a major zone in the printing industry world. It’s famous for producing books and packaging for the rest of the world. Mr. Chen from Lian Mei Printing has been working in the industry for the last 23 years.

Lian Mei Printing factory takes pride in having the latest printing technologies and highly skilled technicians, which enables them to provide high quality print services for hundreds of customers. Their 7c+1uv Heidelberg printing machine was the first one of its kind to be shipped from Germany to Dongguan, and is still one of only 30-40 machines in all of Asia.

Mr. Chen says that the most important advice he can share with other business people is to always think of the customers first, foresee any possible issues that they didn’t think about, and make their lives easier.