Dongguan Vintage Store Promotes “New” Culture

Cong, a Dongguan local, opened his store—Not The Same Vintage Store—selling used and new vintage clothes, in September, 2020. His passion for vintage culture is evident through every little item in the shop, such as various old records, old banners, and other retro products from his personal collection.

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All the vintage clothes sold at the store are imported into China by Cong. He used to go on regular trips to Thailand to choose and bring them here, but since the pandemic started, he’s been communicating with Thai shop owners online to get his stock shipped over. Every piece of clothing he gets, whether used or not, goes to dry cleaning before he puts it on display ready to be sold.

Although this culture is new to China and some people may think it’s strange to buy old clothes, Cong said his customer base is growing and a few clients even become obsessive about it as they come back to check out the store quite often.

When he first opened the store, Cong was too focused on the vintage clothes style he personally likes, and only later he learned that he must also consider what other people like, thus his advice to other business owners is to think about the customer’s taste instead of just your own.

Visit Cong’s vintage store from 2-7 pm daily at: No 48-2, Xinhe North Rd, Guancheng / 东莞市莞城区新河北路48-2号