China Based Finnish Designer Creates Functional Packaging

“If you can imagine, we can create it,” is the motto of Finland-born Ismo Seeve.

Prior to moving his residence to China in 2012, Ismo indulged in every kind of designing, from interior to furniture. To him, 3D designs were easy to visualize, but he continues to explore and create new design concepts constantly. As the founder and product designer of packaging design company Seismo, Ismo prides in their unique packaging designs that are both functional and sustainable. While some may believe that sustainability is difficult to achieve, Ismo believes that sustainability is essential to save humankind. More importantly, he emphasizes the importance of taking no shortcuts and paying attention to the origin of his raw materials. Therefore, he aims to offer 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging to clients, staying true to his principals.

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At the core of Seismo’s outstanding presence in the packaging industry is its ever-evolving and innovative designs. It’s evident that Ismo’s creative and inventive spirit lives on in his seven-person design team, who are tasked to produce one new design per week. As such, their clients are often presented with never-before-seen ideas, making Seismo a golden standard of a packaging company.

Although Seismo’s competitors may copy their patented designs from time to time, Ismo believes that they will always be “three steps forward.” Still, at the end of the day, his goal is to create workable packaging to add value to the clients’ products.

Even if Ismo and his family plans on returning to Europe in approximately five years, he hopes to leave behind a strong company that is known for thinking out of the box.