Making a Bespoke Suit in Dongguan

I’ve never had a proper suit. However, there are times when formal attire is called for when attending a wedding, business meeting or conference. This prompted my visit to Mr. Hey—the men’s sector of HEY Couture, a locally renowned bridal fashion boutique—hoping to craft an ideal suit that I’d be proud to wear. I even opted for a bespoke suit, which is the crème de la crème of custom-made suits. If I was having one suit in my closet, it’d better be a great one!

At Mr. Hey, they are serious about tailoring to your needs. The process starts with a questionnaire that determines your body type and preferences for styles and colors. Next, you will be measured from every possible direction. Finally, it’s decision time. Bespoke is all about personalization, including choices for fabrics, buttons, collars, pockets and more.

Once you’re done, it’s all about staying patient through the six-week wait, as your data is sent to the best cutters in Shanghai. Afterwards, when you come in for the suit fitting, they will check that everything fits perfectly. If further adjustments are needed, you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to receive the final version.

Based on your choice of raw materials, the prices for bespoke suits at Mr. Hey vary. Most start at about 6,000 RMB. My suit ended up being 7,800 RMB and is now the most treasured item in my closet.