Binge Away At Home

Many Chinese streaming services offer free film and television. On the other hand, those with a subscription option offer joint discount memberships. Some even allow subscription members to view television shows before they are officially released on the platform in exchange for an additional cost. More importantly, no VPN is required to access Chinese streaming services, unlike Netflix or YouTube, based in the United States.

The three most popular and dominating Chinese streaming services are iQIYI, Youku, and Tengxun Shiping.

iQIYI is currently one of the most used online streaming services globally,providing an expansive and versatile selection of Asian entertainment that international viewers can have easy access to and watch in their own language. Interestingly, iQIYI has even co-produced drama productions alongside streaming services from different countries.

Youku is a video-hosting service that provides professionally made videos and television series licensed from over 1,500 content partners. However, Youku is not multilingual and is more focused on content created by China and for China. Youku has been partners with BBC Studios for over a decade, which allows them to supply an expansive selection of documentaries, children’s shows, drama, action, and manyother popular genres across the board.

Tengxun Shiping, also known as Tencent Video, is a Chinese video streaming website where film and television on the platform can be streamed across multiple devices. Also, there is a sub-website where viewers can access the international version of Tencent Video, known as WeTV.

Chinese streaming services are becoming increasingly dominant in the media distribution industry due to their diverse range of options in terms of genres, international media, ties with other prominent streaming services, and catering to individual viewers all over the world.