Get a Body Lift at This Unique DG Gym

As someone who has written down my health goals on a piece of paper, stashed it away and never looked at it again, it’s clear that I—like many of you—do not possess the proper discipline to consistently attend a gym. Years ago, I even vowed that I would never buy a membership for a commercial gym again.

Body Lift is different from 99% of the other gyms popping up in China here and there. At Body Lift, every time you come to exercise, it’s fully supervised and only by appointment. Instead of going to the gym, you’re going to a gym class. It provides external accountability, which is the secret ingredient that we all need as we fall into a whirl of laziness.


Renan and Liz, the Brazilian couple who own and run the place, are professional personal trainers. They are super friendly people who make their gym-goers comfortable and eager to reach their health goals. While other gyms have personal trainers, it’s the opposite here, where these personal trainers operate their own gym.

If you know how personal trainers work and charge in other gyms, Body Lift will surprise you. You may think such boutique places charge expensive rates compared to generic businesses, but Renan and Liz charge about half than personal trainers from other gyms. To familiarize with the personal training and the gym itself, you can even book a one-time free trial.

After visiting Body Lift, I believe that anyone can find the motivation to revisit those health goals once again and jumpstart their gym journey.