A Whiff of French Bread in Dongguan

Look no further as you venture towards the authentic French bakery au petit fournil, where the freshly baked aroma of bread can be detected from a block away.


Due to its rapid popularity, the authentic French bakery near Dynacity Mall—au petit fournil—cannot remain a best-kept secret for much longer. Lurking just around the corner of the mall, the whiff of freshly baked bread and bags of imported French flour can easily lure any passerby.

After consulting with the owner regarding the bakery’s top recommendations, three bread options were brought forth, each catering a unique scent and taste. With crispy skin and a heavy wheat-induced tang, the French Lupin Country bread defied my expectations immediately, setting a golden standard. Following it was the baguette, a thin and long loave of bread originating from France with a comforting aroma attached.

Here at au petit fournil, they even added linseeds on the surface, making the baguette far more intriguing. At last, the Italian ciabatta arrived, where its immediate and distinct fragrance hinted at the fried onion and cheese wrapped inside. As the Italian ciabatta incorporated a rich flavor, particularly with the addition of onion, it became my favorite of the three. Before leaving the bakery, I felt inclined to taste-try their standard croissant and chocolate Danish as well, which were both impressively delicious.

If you hope to enjoy a relaxing morning or afternoon in the bakery, sit at one of the tables and order bread with coffee. However, most customers prefer the takeaway option.