It’s Time To Dig Into Pho

Tucked comfortably along a row of local restaurants and shops is a new southeast Asian restaurant called Pho.

Sliding open the door, I was immediately intrigued by the authentic décor, focusing on deep green and white tones as its main theme. From a glance at the menu, it’s clear that there isn’t an excess of options. Better yet, the Asian dishes at Pho places quality over quantity.

Their highly recommended and signature dish is the Li Xing Signature Pho, a classic Vietnamese beef noodle.The rich broth, a key element to the pho, is made up of cow bones. In addition, the broth is poured into a bowl of beef noodles in front of you at the table, which then allows you to smell the aroma of the herbs. Another noodle dish that I ordered was the Pork Rib Bone Noodles with Tomato Sour Soup—a large bowl with a variety of different yet complementing ingredients. From the tomato base, the strong spicy flavor, to a hint of the coconut milk, this dish is a must-have.

Besides the noodles, we had the Northeast Snacks Platter, which comes with spring rolls, fish cakes, chicken skewers and chicken feet. It’s a perfect snack dish for a group of family members or friends. Watch Billy’s dining review of Pho near the Dongcheng subway station.

Location:No. 151, Dong Ping Street, Dongcheng 东城区东平街151号110室