Crafting New Mixtures

Hidden behind the bustling Dynacity shopping mall, I discovered Camille’s, an immersive bar, restaurant and tableware shop. Interestingly, the shop centers and wraps around a large old tree, while the overall décor echoes a European vibe.


At the entrance, there is a small bar with different bottles of liquor lining up the shelves. The owner, Ian, even claimed that Camille’s has the best bourbon collection in Dongguan. To kickstart the evening, I was presented with Margarita Caliente, which looked similar to a Bloody Mary. Upon first taste, however, I quickly detected the tequila base and the unique mix of ingredients. The second drink was Hard Seltzer, a vodka drink mixed with soda water, lemon juice and a pinch of fresh lime.

Margarita Caliente

As I relinquished this drink, the bartender even shared a secret: stirring the drink dissolves the tang of the vodka, giving the Hard Seltzer a smoother drinking experience. Finally, the last item of the night was Keto Old Fashioned, a charming bourbon drink and one of the many versions of Old Fashioned at Camille’s. Before departing, the bartender provided a second interesting tip: it’s best to finish each cocktail in less than five minutes and drink a lot of water in between different cocktails. Also notably, most of the drinks are priced at 45 RMB a glass, which is very reasonable considering the high quality of each drink.

Hard Seltzer