Feels Like Home: Simon Steak House

In the back corner of Vanke Mall sits Simon Steak House No. 2, providing a new setting for its loyal customers. The outside seating area emphasizes a “backyard” theme with surrounding greenery and soft bulbs lighting up the tables. Inside, Simon Steak House continues to echo its family-friendly atmosphere, where people can come together to banter and enjoy a delightful meal.

The dishes came in order, with a massive bowl of caesar salad arriving first. Next, the strong aroma of Simon Steak House’s signature steaks filled up the room: the picanha steak and the newly introduced dry aged steak. Like always, the picanha steak’s juicy flavor and meaty texture were unmatched. My associate Cathy, who was particularly intrigued by the dry aged steak, emphasized that “the taste stays inside the mouth for a while,” and there was a surprising lack of the blood taste compared to the picanha steak. Unlike the first Simon Steak House based in Xiping, their top-selling roasted chicken tasted richer, but it is recommended to add spice on top to elevate the entire dish.

With a menu of delicious items and a home-like atmosphere, Simon Steak House is the go-to location for people to visit a few times a week. Compared with other local western restaurants, Simon Steak House offers more affordable choices, perhaps because they are also a supplier of meats and other ingredients.