An Intimate Evening at a New DG Craft Beer Bar

From a prominent online presence via Little Red Book—a number of positive reviews and comments—I decided to pay a visit to RE:NEW Craft Beer Bar based in Guancheng.

The immediate exterior appearance is one of a kind since it was an old building converted into a modern and chic bar. Once you walk in, a small garden greets you, offering an invitation for a nostalgic stroll. You can also spot a small staircase inside the garden, where you can walk up towards a separate rooftop. Entering the bar scene, I realized that there are only four chairs available. However, the intimate atmosphere of the small bar space allowed me to strike up a lively conversation with the bartenders. In addition, I was surprised to find over 10 taps installed into the wall behind the bar.

Looking at the menu, RE:NEW presents a wide range of craft beers, including items from E.T. Brewery and Mahanine Brewery. After trying out two refreshing craft beers, I decided to explore a comforting area on the second floor, furnished with a few tables, old cultural artworks and a projector screen. Clearly, this is a place for stories to be shared over a few glasses of craft beer.