A Smarter Binge for Your Screen Time

At CuriosityStream, every curious mind can be put to ease with the platform’s stunning collection of intriguing documentaries, feature films, shows and more.

If you are a knowledge-seeker like me, documentaries may come in handy to gain in-depth and enlightening information. I’ve recently stumbled upon an award-winning, on-demand platform jampacked with documentary series and features—CuriosityStream. Not only does the platform offer binge-worthy exclusives and originals, but it also caters to your every interest through diverse categories.

Whether you are interested in different parts of Greece (travel), a detailed account of the World Wars (history), the remarkable engineers behind Apollo (technology), or even a behind-the-scenes look at the Dior fashion house (fashion), CuriosityStream offers an endless revelation into a wide range of topics. Browse by categories or collections to find almost anything you might be interested in.

If you love watching Netflix yet often feel like you’re wasting too much precious time on it, head over to CuriosityStream instead to get more from your time watching the screen. With its informative videos, you can learn something new every day and develop new insights into the world. Regarding the interface, it is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. For China residents, the best part is that the platform is not blocked, which makes it accessible with a regular internet connection. As a result, you can binge videos on-the-go from the “Continue Watching” tab or dive into a new series from your “Wishlist.”

To quell your thirst for knowledge, check out their very affordable annual plan for less than $20