City Fact: Stacking Bananas Till the Morning

Named after its network woven by numerous watercourses, Machong is now often associated with bananas. The soil washed down from Dongjiang River formed a suitable structure and texture for banana plantations in Machong. Today, there are more than 930 hectares of land allocated to banana planting. With abundant rainfall and warm tropical temperature, Machong started planting bananas as early as the Yuan Dynasty.

Machong bananas are famous for its sweetness and rich Vitamin C. They were shipped and sold in big cities like Shanghai back in the 1920s. In 1952, a state-owned Machong Banana Export Station was set up to sell bananas to foreign countries—the Soviet, Japan and Germany included—in exchange for foreign currency and chemical fertilizer.

If you visit the Mo clan hall in Machong, you can see the ancient wooden tools that were used for banana harvest on display. Little wooden boats for transporting bananas are hardly seen nowadays; however, you may still encounter an old styled banana boat in Ma’er Village!