Bright Lights, Hip-Hop Vibes

Among the array of Yonghuating restaurants and shops, the iconic B Quarter hides slyly behind a black curtain. As you take one step closer, however, alluring hiphop tunes from the outdoor speakers may attract one to the door… and perhaps your curiosity will take you further into the late-night party scene of Dongguan.

Upon entry, a “Life is a Party” neon sign brightly gleams, echoing the motto of B Quarter. Hip-hop themed designs, as seen from the wallpaper, is the signature focus of this upgraded bar and club. An overhead airship—one of the newest additions—feature two disco balls, hence accentuating a clubbing atmosphere.

On most nights, red or blue colors dimly light the room, but at times, the DJ may release a laser effect throughout the room with the help of a smoke machine. From the bar on the left, you can easily grab a drink of your choice or even open a bottle for a group of friends to share.

Onto the music aspect, B Quarter proudly boasts a concert-grade sound system and a 3-meter subwoofer that can easily shake the room. While the bar/club plays mainly hip-hop music, there are exceptions for other music-themed parties. At the DJ booth, a 100-inch projector plays special effects and graphics to match the mood of the event.

Every Friday and Saturday, B Quarter is open, and it is 40 RMB per ticket. From Sunday to Thursday, the space is available for bookings, and you have the freedom to turn it into a KTV room or even a team-building site. Watch Billy’s tour of the newly renovated B Quarter in his video.