DG’s Bookmobile

In March 2004, a second- hand van was transformed into a bookmobile and shuttled between different libraries across 32 towns.

Today, the upgraded bookmobile can carry more than 5,000 books. With proper internet connection built in, it is a self-help mini library where readers can search, return or borrow books from the computer system. “We will visit each station at least once a month so that people can return their books on time. And every month, we will have a scheduled route that covers 47 stations,” said manager Lin Xiangyu. “We’ve had two flat tires and encountered terrible weather conditions in the past decade, yet we have never failed to keep our appointment.”

There are 102 stations in total across Dongguan, with some ancient villages included. Obsolete clan halls have become perfect bookmobile parking spots—not to mention schools, community squares, industrial parksand factories. Twice a year, this bookmobile will even drive into Dongguan Prison, carrying thousands of books.

“Our bookmobile is 12 meters in length. As far as I know, ours is the longest one in Guangdong,” Lin added with pride.

Photos by DGRTV