American Photographer Adventuring Across China

By maintaining an air of positivity and an unquenchable love for adventure, Adam Crase continues to explore unique corners of China with a camera in hand.

Early on in his life, Adam Crase “saw things differently” as he took photos with old cameras. In high school back in Utah, he took a photography class and was promoted to a senior level class. He even won a few awards, reveling in the art and joy of photography. When real life collided with his dreams and aspirations, Adam set aside his passions to focus on making money. However, throughout the years, he continued to learn and hone his photography skills.

Today, he’s doing what he truly loves. Not only is Adam photography production supervisor at KW-Commerce— the tenth largest Amazon e-commerce marketplace in the world—but he is also a renowned travel photographer and author of photobook Dongguan, China. Although Adam has lived in China for 13 years, his goals never faltered. “It was important for me to come here and experience as much as I can and then share that with people [in the west],” Adam explains.

Since coming to China, Adam estimates traveling to roughly 100 towns and cities, especially many unique and unseen areas. Before Adam travels to a location, he researches about festivals or interesting cultural events occurring and plans thoroughly for his trip. When he arrives, Adam challenges himself to engage in activities that makes him step out of his comfort zone. One of his finest opportunities in his career, as he recalled, was when he was granted government access to the Mogao Caves in Gansu, becoming the only American photographer to take photos of this historic and high-profile site.