Village Appears From Underwater at a Dongguan Reservoir

Early spring this year, the mysterious Maoshe Reservoir in Qingxi Town suddenly caught the attention of local Dongguan citizens.

Located 500 meters away from the intersection of North Ring Road and Dongfeng Road, Maoshe Reservoir today used to be an ancient Hakka village. Recorded in the Qingxi Township chronicle, the first Hakka settlers in Dongguan history resided there in 1370. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, it hosted a thriving community until a sudden halt in the 1950s.

The villagers were forced to evacuate from their homes as the village was replaced by a reservoir. Since then, it had been submerged underwater. For the first time in half a century, the forgotten village finally revealed itself due to an extremely shallow water level in this year’s dry season.

Among the remains of the village covered by thick mud, you can still make out the foundation pillars of houses, walls and even a threshing field. Despite being underwater, a concrete mixture of lime powder, pebbles, raw sugar and rammed earth materials seems to have stood the test of time, and so has the wisdom of the ancient Hakka people.

Photos by 柯坚