Scan for Better Life in China

After living in China for a while, you may think you are a WeChat expert, but the super app that we can’t live without keeps improving with every update, making our China lives easier and better.

Enter WeChat Scan feature.

You can find three main functions under the WeChat Scan feature. The first and most commonly known function, Code, allows you to simply scan a QR code, barcode or Mini Program code to access more information. However, the second and third functions are lesser known.

Swiping right to the following function, Item identifies a diverse range of products such as flowers, cards, food, electronics, cars and more. In a few seconds, the item’s basic information will be displayed, including the product name, a brief  description, an estimated price, the source of information, and links to relevant product listings and mini programs. In an instance where you want to purchase a product—but you don’t know the product name, price or available e-commerce sites—the WeChat Scan for items will doubtlessly come in handy.

For any expats with trouble in Chinese or English, the third Translate function can save the day. Whether the text is on a document, an object or traffic signs, just take a quick scan and you can find the translated version on your phone screen. You can avoid the trouble of going to a translator app or asking a friend for translating help.

Learn to incorporate the WeChat Scan feature to help you with simple tasks, so you can minimize precious time and effort.