Building Monster Tow Trucks in Dongguan

From his first visit to China in 1995 to starting his own company in 2008, Webb Wehbe has always shared his excitement for North American trucking culture with China.

Just outside of Ottowa, Canada, Wehbe grew up making his own repairs and running a repair shop that he started as a teenager. While driving tow trucks in college as a part-time job, Wehbe often dreamed of owning a truck. In North America, truck driving is often an enjoyable pastime, contrary to the practical job that some may assume. Upon finally buying a truck, Wehbe joined a program to learn how to drive it and was drawn into the truck-driving community.

Wehbe’s ambition didn’t stop there—his next goal was to build custom-made trucks. By selling his car components business, Wehbe gave himself the financial freedom to truly explore his hobbies. He came to China expecting someplace “exotic,” but instead, he discovered a country filled with possibilities.

Over the years, Wehbe encountered extreme ups and downs in running a business. He worked with local factories, set up his own company, expanded his market from North America to China, embarked on failed joint ventures, endured a situation so close to bankruptcy that the company thought it only had one month left… but Wehbe made it through. In the future, Wehbe hopes that trucking culture can feel like home to many in China too.