A Go-To Taqueria Restaurant

From classy restaurants to street-side bites, eating in Dongguan has never been more exciting! In a small European-style square on Dongcheng Road, there is the one and only traditional Mexican restaurant in our city—Al Chile.


Cooking up authentic Mexican delicacies since 2016, Al Chile has always taken pride in 100% handmade products without any semi-processed foods.

Inside the restaurant, a beautiful and colorful space has been carefully decorated with Mexican mosaic tiles, pictures of Lucha libre masks, sombreros and chili saltshakers on the tables. The menu offers three main dining options: appetizers, traditional tacos, and burritos and Mexican specials.

If you need ordering inspiration, here are a few of HERE!’s recommendations. Start with the Taco Al Pastor with rotisserie pork, which looked like it was featured on a food magazine cover. Then, go crazy with Enchiladas Verdes, as it is stuffed with tender chicken and covered with lots of fresh cheese and sour cream. On the crispy side, don’t forget to enjoy the deep-fried burrito filled with an unbelievable amount of meat, the Chimichanga.

Desserts at Al Chile shine as well. Fresh churros out of the fryer and marbled with cinnamon sugar wrapped up this delightful lunching experience.

Before you visit Al Chile, make sure to watch our video review online. Buen provecho!

Address: A20 Yonghuating Walking Street, Dongcheng东城区雍华庭风情步行街A20