Upscale Whiskey Bar

Only a few may know the unique whiskey bar directly above the café and restaurant Y+ Food and Drink. As I headed up the second floor, the upscale classiness of Y+ Whiskey Bar caught me by surprise.

The main bar with high-top chairs arched to the back, while three private sofa sets filled up the rest of the space. I felt immediately immersed in the relaxing atmosphere with inviting jazz music in the background and dim ambient lights.

If you tell any of Y+’s professional bartenders about your preference, they can quickly create a drink that matches your taste. My bartender for the night, Buddy, introduced a variety of whiskies and cocktails. Although they have a majority of Scottish whiskies, there are astonishingly over 140 types available. According to Buddy, the martini, Coffee Godfather and whiskey sour are a few of his top recommendations.

A special wing is the newest addition to the main bar, including two stylish karaoke rooms and a cigar room that is perfect for private gatherings. A balcony area overlooks the main street—it’s easily an impressive spot where you can quietly enjoy a drink or a puff of cigar smoke by yourself.

Y+ Whiskey Bar is an ideal destination for those that truly appreciate quality whiskey and cocktail. Look out for Billy’s video review of this exceptional bar!

Address: 2/F, No. 11, Dijing Tai, New World Garden, Dongcheng 东城新世界花园帝景台11号2楼