Making Space and a Case for AI in Songshan Lake

AI innovation company Foocaa’s founder, Tony Huang, has one main goal: to make cities as smart and as manageable as our cellphones are to us today. Ever since he returned to China in 2013, many aspects of Tony’s work have centered around achieving this goal.

Tony was born in northern Guangdong, in a rural area near the border of Jiangxi. Perhaps due to how strongly his parents supported his early education, Tony had an insatiable appetite for learning, even after graduating from the prestigious Zhongshan University. To continue his studies, Tony went to study in the United States, where he changed his interest from physics to computer science and set on the road he is on today.

During his time in the U.S., Tony knew that he would eventually return to China, as this is where he felt most comfortable. Upon returning, he quickly set up his own business, Foocaa, because he saw “so much opportunity” in the growing market for AI in China.

“Digitalization is not just a company buying software… the biggest part is when you use the software,” Tony said. He truly believes that well-implemented AI-driven solutions are the key to a smarter, more efficient future.

Even in today’s age, Tony pointed out that AI is already playing a helpful part in our lives. For example, Foocaa designed a smart parking lot, where customers can get map directions to where their car is parked with just a quick face scan.

To make space for more AI development in China, Tony’s company is also a partner to Founders Space China in Dongguan, where there is a heavy focus on digital technology. Founders Space helps many tech-based startups connect with Chinese investors, access business information, and find the right people, encouraging more investments in this ever-growing industry.