Buy & Sell Used Items With This App

During the annual clean-up day before Chinese New Year, did you throw away many items? It’s a pity to discard items in the trash, especially expensive pieces that are still in good condition…

Thankfully, Alibaba Group has created a new app called Xianyu (咸鱼), a platform that helps users sell pre-owned items. The platform sells a range of products, including cosmetics, bags, clothing, electronics and more. In addition to the high demand for an affordable and diverse product range, consumers have actively adopted re-commerce to pursue sustainability.

Since the app is connected to a Taobao account, you can easily sign in with the same identifications. Conveniently, you may receive a notification from Taobao to resell certain purchases on Xianyu.

Let’s take a look at the product details page on Xianyu. You can find all the necessary information in one place: username of the seller, product description, price, location and product image. There is also an “I want it” button at the right-hand corner of the page, where you can add any item to your wishlist for future reference.

For a seller, it’s important to accompany a product listing with clear images taken from different angles. Not only will it attract potential buyers, but consumers can also quickly identify the condition of the items. Although the price is set by yourself, sellers should consider searching for a similar item inside Xianyu to understand the item’s market value. The final price and delivery cost are negotiated between the seller and buyer in the message tab. Once the final price is settled, you can adjust the price inside your product page, and the buyer can arrange the payment. If everything goes well, the buyer should confirm the order. The money will be forwarded to you automatically 12 days after the item is received.

Since Xianyu is only available in Chinese, foreigners can ask a Chinese-speaking friend to teach them the basic interface.