An Entrepreneur Guided by Curiosity

Life can often take a series of unpredictable turns. For Hunter Bliss, he first left his home in South Carolina to study in Germany. However, he probably did not expect to end up in China, starting his own business before turning 30.

Three years into his undergrad studies in Germany, Hunter discovered a personal interest in print and took the “Chinese and Prints” double major offered by Stuttgart Media University. Having recently learned German from scratch, learning another language was an exciting challenge. It was this major that led him to an exchange year in Xi’an.

Although he learned Chinese before traveling, Hunter arrived in Xi’an with many American stereotypes about the country. Over time, he has come to correct these preconceptions. Now, looking back, he realized his mistake in seeing himself as more important than the local Chinese and not returning the respect offered to him.

Meanwhile, Hunter stumbled upon an exciting opportunity in Xi’an when he found a job while meeting people from R.R Donnelley at an event. After returning to Stuttgart to complete his degree, he came back to China to start his internship with the company.

At one point, Hunter was unable to continue working at R.R Donnelley because of visa problems. As it so happened, he came across a LinkedIn post about a developing product in the print market: stone paper. “If I really want to take this seriously, I should take the German side of me and do an investigation,” said Hunter, recalling his thought process. He was very impressed by stone paper, a low carbon emission “tree-free, water-free paper.”

Hunter established the Pebble Printing Group to bring his excitement about stone paper to the market. Today, having used his German methods and Chinese opportunities, he aims to ‘’take the industry with [Pebble Printing] and spread sustainability in a responsible way.