A Go-To Neighborhood Bar

A shop with an emerald green door and a bright neon sign plastered the words “Liquor Store.” Located behind East Town Center, this unique store is actually both a liquor store and a bar. As buyers enter the 20-square-meter space, they can find shelves of liquor lining up the wooden walls. There are major brands and different types of liquor available for you to take home; in particular, the reasonable prices attract many locals seeking affordable liquor. The Absolut Vodka, for instance, costs only 148 RMB per bottle.

Furthermore, the Liquor Store’s bar aspect creates a relaxing atmosphere that makes it a staple neighborhood spot. If you want to drink at the bar, glasses and ice will be provided at a small extra cost. There are also a few beer options, including German beer, craft beer, and some foreign and local liquor brands. Surprisingly, a bottle of Tsingtao is priced at 10 RMB. While you enjoy the drinks, you can also get snacks and food at the nearby BBQ shop. All in all, this is definitely the go-to place for drinking solo, hanging out with the owners, or chatting with a group of friends who live nearby.