Open the Box of Ox in Hengli Town

Having witnessed the transition from agricultural to commercial civilization in the past 400 years, Hengli Cattle Market has experienced many changes. Today, it is one of the three largest cattle markets in Guangdong, and clients travel from different parts of China to purchase beef cattle. Over 150,000 cattle are traded every year, and the number is still increasing.

While the market has been relocated a few times, it has rejuvenated into the Hengli Cattle Manor ( 横沥牛庄 ), a three-in-one place where you can trade, admire and even taste beef in honor of Hengli cattle culture. As a symbolic part of the manor, the Hengli Cattle Culture Museum was funded by the town government and other business partners.

Walking into this bamboo-built establishment, you will be greeted by a colored ox head. You can also see vivid specimens of ox, buffaloes, cows and yaks, along with a 1,000-year-old cattle cart and crafts made of ox horns. After a feast for the eye, you can actually enjoy a great meal in the restaurant behind the museum, which features delicious beef cuisines!