A Whopping 1,500 Drink Options

Have you been to a bar with a row of refrigerators, where over 700 brands of beer are nicely lined up and stocked? These unique kinds of bars have been opening up in the past few years in China. Here in Dongguan, Seven Club—a brand-new bar, restaurant and club—has something more to offer.

The overall structure was grandiose, with a capacity of 400 people inside and 150 people in the outdoor seating area. At precisely 9 p.m. everynight, the music turns up, the light turns dim, and the theme of the room shifts to a club atmosphere.

Due to the music volume, we decided to take a seat outside. From a glance of the menu, we settled upon a bottle of Primator Weizen beer, since this drink option is rare to find in Dongguan. At the bar, the bartender made us a refreshing craft cocktail called the Rum Sour. A three-liter tower soon arrived, and after adding one glass of Bacardi 151 and two glasses of whiskey, the waiter used a cigarette lighter to light it up on fire. To wrap up this eventful visit, we enjoyed a delicious cocktail called the Zombie, which can be served in the standard glass size or the three-liter tower.