Use WeChat to Order Food from Walmart

For those who have spent the last few years in China, our daily routines—shopping, transportation and food—can be conveniently completed with Taobao, DiDi and Meituan Delivery. When we travel back to our own home countries, our lives are suddenly a bit more inconvenient without the support of these apps. For instance, with the Taobao platform, we can almost buy anything we need using our phones.

However, I still visited a local supermarket once a week to pick up items like meat, milk, water, vegetables and washing detergent. Since there was always a crowd of people during the weekend, it wasn’t a comfortable shopping experience. In addition, I had to carry heavy bags filled with different items from the supermarket back to my home. About six months ago, I stopped those weekend supermarket trips after discovering the Walmart WeChat mini program.

Following the Walmart WeChat public account, there is a direct link to the “Home Delivery” pages. When you are on the main page, you can easily find the items you need under the specific categories. Items on special sales with discounted prices will be displayed on different pages, attracting the online consumer to buy more products. Pictures are provided for all items, making it easier for people to know what they are buying. With a single purchase of more than 69 RMB, the 6 RMB delivery charge will be waived. The best thing is—at least in Dongcheng, Dongguan—the whole package will be delivered to your door within 90 minutes.

While the mini program only has a Chinese interface, foreign consumers may need to ask their Chinese friends to set up the account or insert Chinese delivery addresses. Check out the video, and Billy will show you how to use the mini program step by step.