The Guitarist Who Always Rocks The Stage

If you have witnessed a performance by local band Revolution, you will likely remember Frank Chelini’s lively onstage attitude and his incredible skill with the guitar.

At the age of 15, Frank walked into a bar and saw a live performance for the first time. Since then, he has been in love with the concept of live music and guitars. Today, his dedication to being a talented guitarist has opened doors to many opportunities in the music industry. Not only has he played in various music festivals in China and overseas, but he has also jammed with Marco Minnemann in Shenzhen, who is currently known as one of the best 10 drummers in the world.

With the number of Revolution shows at HERE! parties, Frank always had one main focus: working with the crowd. From his experience onstage, Frank believes that it’s very important for the performers to interact with their audience. In his opinion, it’s not just about technical skill; instead, any performers’ role should be to communicate with the crowd. According to Frank, the “feeling” that the performers create should be essential in every performance.


Considering his dedication to “setting the mood” for every performance, Frank is also particularly attentive to detail. Before every performance, he would specifically pick out his outfits or select guitars that he wanted to use. Once again, his commitment to making memorable and enjoyable performances for all is certainly admirable.

As a music composer, Frank shared his experience with fellow songwriters that struggle to find inspiration. “Find new people, new experiences, something coming into your life… so you can get inspired [by] things that are happening around you.”