Teaching Is A Gift

Whether in or out of the classroom, Adam Thacker gives 110% when dealing with his students’ emotional and intellectual growth.

Teacher: Adam Thacker
From:  England
School: TLC International School
Grade Level: Hight School

What do you like about being a teacher?

When you tend to be naturally good at something, you tend to like it. I found that teaching was something that I am naturally fond of. I have no problem with public speaking. I like the idea of taking something that is quite complicated and breaking it down, so students can understand.

How do you know when a teacher is good?

Honestly, I believe teaching is a gift. I think it’s something that you can hone through a degree and experience. I truly believe it’s something that people are born with, and you can sense it when you enter the classroom. The way that [teachers] explain things and handle the students. I always believe that if [a teacher] really understand a subject, the way you know is if they can explain it in simple terms.

What’s the main role of a teacher? 

In TLC, the role of the teacher is quite broad. They value character building, not only academic results. So, we’re trying to help students to be prosperous academically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

Do you think that teachers get more respect in China compared to other countries?

Not really. I think if you go to England, there are kids that respect the teacher and don’t respect the teacher—in China, it’s the same. I think it comes from parenting. If kids are brought up to respect their parents and elders, they’ll usually transfer that to respect for teachers as well.

Do parents expect too much from teachers at times?

No, I think that [teachers] should be pushed, and we should give as much as we can to the students. It is a special kind of job, because you’re constantly giving out. That’s why when we go home, we need to rest, and we need to learn.