Explore This 800-Year-Old Ancient Village in Dongguan

Niu Guo Lang (牛过朗古村落), an ancient village located east of Dongguan, was built in the Song Dynasty in Chashan Town. According to the locals, the name of the village means the ox’s flank.

This 800-year-old village is a striking contrast against the bustling city of Dongguan, especially with over 80 well-preserved architectural buildings from the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Traditional ancestral halls, temples, watchtowers, wells and lanes have survived time and are still functioning. The walls of clan houses are made of red rock, transported from an adjacent quarry to demonstrate family wealth and social status.

Apart from the village itself, an ancient forest behind it attracts a lot of attention. Taking up 20 thousand square meters, this ancient forest is home to 33 trees between the ages of 100 to 800 years old. The biggest and oldest one is a banyan tree. Its shade serves as a perfect spot for villagers to cool off and socialize during the scorching summer.

To go to Niu Guo Lang, copy this and past in DiDi or your local GPS app: 牛过朗古村落.