Stirring The Borsch

A  few weeks ago, I went to A-ONE for lunch to enjoy their 50% off Membership Day specials. Since the BBQ ribs sold out quickly, I ordered 24 pieces of fried chicken wings instead. To balance out the wings, I decided to try out a chef recommended dish: borsch soup. Upon tasting A-ONE’s borsch soup, I immediately found the ingredients very intriguing and decided to test my soup-making skills for this month’s Billy in the Kitchen.

As a Hong Kong native, borsch and cream mushroom soup were two of my all-time favorites. Whenever I visited Hong Kongstyle Western restaurants, those two soups were always available on the menu.

While reviewing the recipe with Chef Men, I found the steps to be quite simple and straight forward. However, my previous cooking experience with the omelet proved nearly disastrous despite the seemingly “simple” recipe. I quickly learned that the recipe might not be as easy as it looks.

Surprisingly, the final outcome was very similar to Chef Men’s borsch soup. Throughout the cooking process, I was able to be creative with the ingredients, such as switching beef to chicken or pork. When the ingredients started to come together, the strong fragrance of the borsch soup filled up the entire kitchen space. Furthermore, I had the freedom to add different amounts of vegetables based on my own preference. According to Chef Man’s advice, I could have fried the vegetables a little longer to amplify the taste. During the weekend, I will definitely be making a big bowl of borsch soup at home.

Make it Yourself

1: Heat up the pot, add a little bit of olive oil and a cube of butter

2: Once the butter is fully melted, add 10 small dices of potato and carrot and cook for one minute

3: Add 10 small pieces of tomato and celery, then cook for another minute

4: Add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, ½ tablespoon of ketchup and ½ tablespoon of white wine, then stir fry everything together

5: Add 5 large scoops of chicken soup, turn down the fire and simmer for 30 minutes

6: Add 10 small dices of beef and chopped cabbage

7: Add ½ teaspoon of salt, sugar and chicken powder

8: Add a few drops of tabasco in the end