Plan Your 2021 Holidays

Before you start marking your 2021 calendar, take a moment to review China’s official holiday schedule, posted on November 25 from the “Circular of the General Office of the State Council about the Public Holiday Arrangement for 2021.”

With New Year just around the corner, note the holiday on January 1 to 3, from Friday to Sunday. Plan a one-week domestic trip during Spring Festival, which falls between February 11 to 17. However, to offset the long Spring Festival break, February 7 and February 20 are officially workdays. Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) is a three-day break from April 3 to 5. From May 1 to 5, stay home and relax on Labor Day. The adjusted working days are April 25 and May 8.

Dragon Boat Festival is up next from June 12 to 14, so remember to catch up on any local Dragon Boat festivities. On September 19 to 21, eat some mooncakes with your family and friends to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Don’t forget to go to your office on Saturday, September 18. Lastly, National Day is on October 1 to 7, with adjusted working days on September 26 and October 9.