Dongguan KOL: The Culture Maker

29-year-old Hopkins thrives in the ever-changing nature of Dongguan. Hopkins is a photographer and influencer who shares his photography and other lifestyle content online. On Weibo, Douyin and Little Red Book, viewers can find him by the name of Zou Haojian.

If Hopkins had to choose one animal to represent who he is as an entrepreneur, he would choose, surprisingly, a sheep. Why? Firstly, he was born in the year of the sheep. But Hopkins also thinks a sheep represents his hardworking but flexible work style.

Since his job requires a lot of interaction with people online, he finds flexibility a very essential skill. For Hopkins, the best part of his job is getting to know the plentiful supply of new and interesting individuals in Dongguan.

Outside online work, Hopkins also works with jewelry. Additionally, one of his proudest accomplishments so far has been founding SoWhat, a branding and media company that has changed the culture of many businesses in Dongguan.