All-In-One Dining

Nestled alongside the perimeter of New World Garden, Y+ Coffee and Restaurant is an aesthetic cafe making its way into the dining world. We were immediately greeted with a warm welcome from the coffee brewers and soft jazz music that filled up the room. A long wooden table is the cafe’s main attraction, as it is the perfect spot for an afternoon study session or a coffee meeting with friends. Beside the wooden table, customers can find a wide bookshelf stacked with a curated selection of multilingual books.

Although the cafe mainly serves drinks, they have recently introduced a Western-style menu with new dishes to attract a foreign crowd.

Chicken Breast Salad

To kick off the evening, the main appetizer was a chicken breast salad served in a homemade fashion. Its combination of the fresh lettuce and delicate chicken breast slices reflected Y+’s persistence to serve tasty yet healthy food options. Immediately after we finished the appetizer, the main dish was revealed.

Chef’s Pasta

At first glance, the chef’s pasta seemed like your typical average cheese pasta. After tasting this dish, the unassuming pasta actually carried a mix of flavors. In this case, the chef’s pasta was a perfect blend of delightful cheese and perfect seasoning. The mushrooms added a chewy texture that complemented the creamy sauce.

Y+ All Day Brunch

In a surprising twist to this dining experience, we were introduced to an all-day breakfast set, including English sausages, fried eggs (cooked to your preference), hash browns, mushrooms and more. The unique aspect pertaining to this plate is that this breakfast dish can be ordered at any time. If you are craving a breakfast dinner, Y+ is definitely the place to go.

While Y+ has an entire menu of Western dishes, their drinks are a must-try. After all, a cafe is nothing without great coffee! After lengthy deliberation and gawking at a wall lined with drink choices, we selected caramel macchiato, iced cappuccino, lemon iced tea, single chocolate and affogato. Each drink came with its own unique spin; one of my favorites—the lemon iced tea—left a sweet and sour aftertaste.

Head over to Y+ for a breakfast meal, an afternoon espresso, or an evening dine-in!

Address: No. 11, Dijing Tai, New World Garden, Dongcheng / 東城新世界花園帝景台11號