Western Food Chinese Prices

From the moment I walked up the small flight of stairs, a delightful aroma of barbecue and grilled meat invited me into Simon Steak House. Unlike a typical steakhouse, a majority of the customers sat in an open outdoor area under a wide tent-like structure and colorful lights.

My introduction to Simon Steak House can be described as a pleasant surprise. The chef was tending to eight sizzling oysters on the grill while the customers’ chatter filled up the outdoor area. As soon as Billy and I took our seats, we were presented with an appealing selection of Chinese and Western cuisines. After lengthy deliberation, we settled on the picanha steak, the roast chicken and the fish and chips.

Before the food arrived, Billy gave me a bit of background on the owner of the restaurant, Simon Zhong. From barbecuing for people at parties to selling imported meats and seafoods, Simon’s reputation precedes him. 18 months ago, he opened Simon Steak House, offering authentic Chinese foods like his signature “BBQ Oysters” as well as western foods.

Picanha Steak

Soon after, I was delighted to find the first dish—the picanha steak—served to us on a wooden plate, which emulated Western restaurants’ flair for homemade dish presentations. The rich and juicy flavor of the steak was matched with a slightly charred exterior; on the side, sliced pickle sticks added a crunchy contrast to the steak.

Roast Chicken

The follow-up dish to the picanha steak was roast chicken. To help customers easily eat the chicken without getting their fingers dirty, the chef cut the roast chicken into smaller pieces. From the salty crust to the succulent interior, the roast chicken is a delectable dish for all ages.

Fish and Chips

I think the November season is especially fitting for a dine-in at Simon Steak House considering the comfortable, breezy weather. If you’re searching for a place to meet up with old friends or have a family reunion, Simon Steak House sets the mood for a night of nostalgia and bliss.

Address: No. 93, Wu Xiang, Xiashou Cun, Xiping, Nancheng / 南城西平下手村五巷93 号