Post-It in Your Memory

Transforming your environment, such as your home or office, into a learning center can quickly allow you to absorb a language. If sitting at a desk and copying lines isn’t your ideal learning style, this new method (with the help of post-it notes) can help you assimilate a new set of vocabulary from the comfort of your home. But first, it is essential to understand your environment in order to call out any items in your target language. So how does this work? Familiarizing yourself with your environment, whether it is your office or your home, can be extremely effective for your brain. It will help your brain memorize new words in a very organic and natural way.

Step 1

Grab a pen and lots of post-it notes.

Step 2

Find an online translation tool and identify all the objects in your environment: sofa, chair, table, microwave, etc. Now write their translation on a post-it: one object, one translation per post-it note.

Step 3

Stick those post-it notes with their translation on their corresponding object. For instance, let’s say you’re learning French—for the refrigerator, you’ll write frégidaire on one post-it note and stick it onto the refrigerator.

Step 4

Now, your environment might look like a Christmas tree and that’s totally fine! You’re on the right track! Copy down all the words into a notebook, so you get a chance to practice writing them one more time. Learning how to read and speak goes handin-hand.

Step 5

The game’s fundamental rule is that you can’t use, step on or touch any of the selected objects unless you say its name out loud first in your target language.

A hypothetical day might look like this: you will get up in the morning and call out the name of your slippers in French, chausson, before putting them on. This routine continues throughout the day until you go to bed at night, lit, place your head on the pillow, oreiller, and put the duvet over yourself, duvet.

Eventually, you may end up calling out your water bottle, or bouteille d’eau, 10 to 15 times per day as you aim to quench that thirst.

While you may look like a mad person to an outsider, adopting this method will help you boost your memory and recall vocabulary. By repeatedly using these objects and calling out the translated words, you can quickly learn the vocabulary of important objects that exist in your day-to-day environment.

Enjoy the craziness!

Remember: Study Anywhere, Get Somewhere!

Anthony Permaye, or the Language Chameleon, is a certified neuro-language coach, who offers a unique learning foundation that teaches individuals how to learn any language anywhere.