New 3D Parking Garage in Songshan Lake

On October 1, a 3D parking garage opened in Songshan Lake Gougu Park. Essentially, this Ferris wheel-like system allows cars to park on spacious platforms that lift up and rotate in an oval shape. What’s unique about this parking garage is that it effectively reduces parking space issues by storing more cars in less space than standard parking garages.

This new 3D parking garage contains 104 parking spaces. Additionally, it is free of charge for parking up to 30 minutes. However, there are some limitations in terms of sizing. To park in this 3D parking garage, your vehicle must be less than 5.3 meters long, less than 1.9 meters wide, less than 1.95 meters tall, and cannot weigh more than 2.2 tons. Another 3D parking garage project similar to this one is currently underway and will also be located within Songshan Lake Innovation and Technology Park.