Influencing Dongguan Diners

For Douyin influencer CTI, daily life is all about food: finding food, trying food, and filming food.

CTI uses Douyin to share videos of his food discovery adventures. Like most KOLs, he also creates promotional videos for businesses. Before working in Dongguan, CTI was a professional actor for TVB in Hong Kong, where he gained experience hosting and cooking in videos. Looking back, CTI says that he would urge past-him to move to Dongguan sooner.

In addition to making a lot of new friends, CTI has learned a variety of things in Dongguan, from how to make certain dishes to how to work well with a group.In the long-term, CTI hopes that his Douyin platform will help him join the local movie scene and continue his passion for acting. However, CTI’s current ambitions are concentrated on his growing Douyin account, which has already garnered over 63,000 followers. After all, if there’s one thing CTI has learned in 2020 so far, it’s that nothing should be taken for granted.