Dare to Try This Local Delicacy?

Every year during the ninth or 10th lunar month, one particular food is very desired in the Dongguan market: hé chóng, also known as tylorrhynchus. The daunting factor of he chong is its prohibitive appearance, a juicy wriggling lugworm-like body in a yellowishgreen color. Among the most famed is daojiao baked he chong with egg, which is repulsive-looking but mouthwatering. Put he chong in a pottery bowl with ground garlic, salt, and soy sauce on top, then mix he chong with some eggs into a paste. Next, steam it for a while before adding a little oil to bake until it appears golden brown.

Living in the shallow waters of rice fields and feeding on rice, he chong is rich in proteins and believed to have various health benefits according to TCM. In early fall, many Dongguan locals will consume different dishes made from he chong, including he chong changfen, stir-fried he chong and he chong sashimi. Order these dishes and try out your local he chong if you dare.