Charity Auction Makes an Impact

​On the evening of October 17, the Shenzhen Charity Federation hosted the 12th Annual Captivating Charity Auction at Futian ShangriLa. The charity auction’s mission was to benefit 1,000 individuals, funding education for teenage girls, training unemployed women for their first job, and to support single moms as they open their own business. With the help of volunteers, event organizers, the auction committee, the Shenzhen community and more, the charity raised 1.26 million RMB by the end of the night.

Although the founders and many others could not attend due to COVID-19, the committee was still very grateful for hosting a roomful of people. A new art auction section was introduced this year, including an original miniature edition of the Deng Xiao Ping statue from the original sculptor’s son. Another popular item was the Phoenix Driftwood sculpture from James Doran-Webb, which broke all previous auction records for a single item. Regarding plans for the 2021 Captivating Charity Auction, the committee hopes to improve significantly and is committed to hosting another impactful night.