Do you think making an omelet is easy?

During the National Day Holiday, I was helping out the BBQ party at Matti Bistrot. A delicious variety of grilled meat and bread was cooked at the outdoor deck. As I talked to Christine Liu, the owner of Matti Bistrot, she mentioned an outdoor breakfast at the same spot. New chefs were hired specially for the breakfast menu, and she was determined to offer a homemade style breakfast to her clients. Presented with this exciting opportunity, I immediately asked Christine about making a Matti Bistrot breakfast dish for Billy in the Kitchen.

First, I scanned the items on the breakfast menu, thinking that they were easy to make. I suggested a few dishes to Chef You, who walked me through the steps of making those dishes. In the end, I chose to make an omelet since it reminded me of the breakfast meals I had on my business trips with I.T.

I cannot tell you how confident I was before making the omelet dish, and I thought it must be the easiest dish in Billy in the Kitchen so far.

However, cooking the omelet turned out to be a challenging task. According to Chef You, my vegetables were under cooked, and the omelet’s shape was not oval. It was difficult for me to flip the omelet upside down, which was the most critical step to make a nice omelet. Without a good flip, the omelet will end up like a scrambled egg dish instead.

Make it Yourself

1. Cut tomato, onion, bell pepper and ham into small dices

2. Mix two eggs, add 1/3 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of cream

3. Heat the frying pan and add a little bit of olive oil

4. Turn fire to a low level and put the eggs in

5. After 20 seconds, the basic form is created; put the tomato, onion, bell pepper and ham pieces on top

6. Flip the whole omelet upside down and let the other items cook for another 30 seconds

7. Flip the whole omelet upside down again, then put the cheddar and mozzarella cheese on top

8. Close the omelet in half and take it out from the pan