Learn a Language Through Singing

Alright, dear chameleons—we are finally ready to get creative in learning a language. How can you use the power of music to your advantage in language learning?

First of all, let’s talk facts. 

A new study suggests that those who struggle with learning a language should start singing. That’s right, singing! In fact, music can significantly help students to study and trigger memory recall. The University Reid School of Music chose to teach Hungarian words to 60 adults. Half of the students had to listen and repeat the words until memorized and the other half had to listen to those same words sung.After a 15-minute learning period, they were given a few tests. Those who had used the sing-and-listen approach scored the highest. Thus, it shows that singing in your shower is not so useless after all.

What are the benefits of singing?

1. Singers’ pronunciation is usually very clear, which makes songs wonderful resources for perfecting your pronunciation from the beginning.

2. It’s a serious international icebreaker. Just go up to that girl and tell her you can sing a song in her language.

3. Melodies are very memorable; you will get to know vocabulary words that are past your level and learn slang words and expressions.

How can you learn a song?

1. First thing first: choose a song! For instance, go on YouTube and type “top 50 French songs of 2019” and select one.

2. When you’ve picked a song, google it and find the lyrics. Print them out on a few pieces of paper. Finally, have the lyrics saved in your memo section so you can go back to it regularly, especially when listening to it on a bus or waiting for someone at a restaurant.

3. Now, focus on repetition: listen to it 10 times a day for two weeks. Personally, I would prepare four to five songs to listen to.

4. After the first week, start looking up the words you don’t understand.

5. On week two, you’ll start singing the song. Try to memorize the lyrics and start singing those songs in your shower, in your car or at the office.

6. It takes time to remember all the songs in just one week, so start small to reach your big target. You can take another week to continue practicing your listening, comprehension and pronunciation.

You are now ready to formally start learning your target language with a teacher, a textbook or a center. Good luck!

Remember: Study anywhere, get somewhere.

Anthony Permaye, or the Language Chameleon, is a certified neuro-language coach, who offers a unique learning foundation that teaches individuals how to learn any language anywhere.