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Art is about recreating, especially for 15-year-old Pinterest influencer Maya Titov. Debuting modern, minimalistic, aesthetic and celebrityinspired pins, Maya has acquired more than 64,000 monthly viewers on her Pinterest account.

“I pin anything I think I could recreate or just get inspired from, which includes a lot of models like Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp and Kendall Jenner,” she said. “My main inspiration is this YouTuber named Amalie Star. I always focus on trying to recreate her outfit posts, because we have such similar fashion style.”

With over 40 main boards on Pinterest, Maya updates her boards daily, including “The Dream” board and the Harry Styles inspired “Mista Styles” board. In addition, she has a special board titled “Moi,” which is a curated collection of grainy film photos and lifestyle pins about herself.

Overall, Maya values the platform’s ability to connect people that share the same interests.

Her advice to those who want to be a Pinterest influencer is to simply get inspired and create boards that reflect the life you aspire towards.

To find Maya on Pinterest, search for mayatett1.