Find The Ultimate Path to Glory

King of Glory, developed and published by Tencent, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style game that is free to play on Android, iOS and PC.

At first glance, it is easy to write off King of Glory as nothing more than a League of Legends clone due to the overall appearance, the combat mechanics and the genre in which the game places itself. The map in which each battle takes place is similar in almost every way to an iconic League of Legends map.

The combat within King of Glory is incredibly fast paced for a MOBA game, especially since the opposing team is quick to attack as soon as the match begins. The user interface is relatively easy to navigate, even if you aren’t able to read Chinese, and the controls for each character are very responsive.

For the match itself, which lasts five minutes each, you will be partnered with four other players to form your team. These players can be randomly allocated, or you can invite friends to play alongside you. Before the match starts, you can choose from a roster of available hero characters, who possess their own strengths and weaknesses.

Throughout the year, seasonal events will add new heroes to the list or even a selection of temporary cosmetic items. The main objective of each match is to destroy the opposing teams’ core crystal, situated at their main respawn point. Along the way, you can claim or capture towers that increase your area of influence and make it more likely for your team to claim that coveted victory.

Winning a match will take you to the victory screen, where you will be awarded coins and gems. These rewards can be spent on unlocking new costumes or upgrading certain abilities for your selected hero.

If you’re looking for a quick yet exciting distraction, King of Glory is the perfect game for you!