Bear in Dongguan on Douyin

Most people love their city, but how many people can turn the love they have into popular videos online? Known on Douyin as Nu Li Jian Fei De Qi Mei ( 努力减肥的琪妹), Bear is a young content creator who documents her life in Dongguan.

Bear started her Douyin account in 2018, inspired by her love for her hometown Dongguan and her interest in the popularity of the app. Although COVID-19 delayed Bear’s content creation for a few months, it wasn’t a lasting impact on her online work. She was able to create more videos once restaurants reopened. Today, Bear’s account has an astounding 77,000 followers. While she maintains this huge platform, Bear also creates videos for a company on another account, Liu Xing Dongguan.

From managing content for these two accounts, Bear has learned a lot about creating popular videos for higher audience engagement. In addition to exploring new restaurants in Dongguan, she feels a sense of accomplishment when a video is especially well-liked amongst her audience.