Tickle Your WeChat Friends

Unlike every other surprise in this eventful year, the nudge/tickle function made a low-profile entrance.

In mid-June, WeChat users noticed they could double-tap someone’s profile picture to nudge them. Recent WeChat update descriptions do not mention this mysterious feature, but it’s been a fun and ever-changing addition to WeChat.

After the first update, if you double-tapped your friend Lou’s profile picture, your chat with them said: “I nudged Lou.” On Lou’s end, the screen said: “(You) tickled me.” In the newest update, nudged has been replaced with tickled for both instances.

If you head over to “My Profile” in WeChat, you can click “Tickle” and change your nickname into anything with the format “my (blank).” Since the nickname appears when tickled, you might come across wholesome nicknames like “my heart” or “my sense of humor.”

Word of advice: maybe try tickling your friend in your private chat before doing so in the group chat with your boss.

It didn’t take long for people to start playing around with the function, but we haven’t quite figured out its purpose yet. When you tickle someone, their profile picture wobbles. Your chat with them also moves to the top as if you texted them, but they will not get any notification until they open the chat. So, the tickle function is as purposeful as tugging on your dad’s sleeve in terms of getting their attention.

Let us assume for now that the only purpose of the tickle function is to have fun. Go virtually tickle an old friend to start a conversation or change your nickname to something silly to share a laugh.

If you ever tickle someone by accident, remember that you can always recall the tickle with the newest update.